Ganesha Temple in Morgaon near Pune

Morgaon Ganesha Temple also known as Shri Mayureshwar Mandir is dedicated to Hindu lord Shree Ganesha located in Morgaon in Pune District which about 80 kilometres away from Pune city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Shri Mayureshwar Temple is also called as Shri Moreshwar temple is considered as the first temple among the Ashtavinayaka temples of Lord Ganesha. In this temple the idol of Lord Ganesha riding a peacock so its known as Lord Mayureshwara.

asthavinayak mayureshwar temple

Fact About Ganesha Temple in Morgaon

Address: Morgaon, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
Location: 80 kilometres away from Pune city
Phone Number: Not available
Pincode: 412304
Built In: Before 17th century AD
Built By: Not available
Signification: One of the Ashtavinayaka temples of Lord Ganesha
Main Attraction: 23 idols of Lord Ganesha which all depicting different forms
Dedicated to: Ganesha as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar
Famous As: Shri Mayureshwar Mandir, Shri Moreshwar Mandir, Ashtavinayaka Mayureshwar Ganesh Temple
Architecture: Hindu temple
How to reach By Air: Baramati Airport is 29 kilometers and Pune Airport is 54 kilometers away from Morgaon Ganesha Temple
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station to Ashtavinayaka Mayureshwar Temple is Uruli railway station just 29 Km away
How to reach By Bus or Road: There are frequent state transport service buses available from Pune also hire taxi or cab from any area of city

moreshwar temple morgaon

The Morgaon Ganesha temple is the starting point of the pilgrimage of eight revered temples known as of Ashtavinayaka temples of Lord Ganesha around Pune. The exact date of building this temple is not available. Morya Gosavi who is the Ganapatya saint is known to be associated with this temple. The temple of lord Ganesha was built during the Bahamani reign with black-stone and it has four gates. The temple is covered from all sides by four minarets. The temple was attacked by mughal kings during mughal periods. The temple has 50 feet tall wall around it.

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Entry Fee and Timing for Ganesha Temple at Morgaon

Open Days: Open All Days
Visit Duration: 1 hours
Photography: Not allowed inside the temple
Best time to visit: Any time of year, Sankashthi Chaturthi of every month, Ganesh festival
Entry Fee: Free to all
Darshan Timing: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Prakshal Puja: 5:00 AM
Shodashopachar Pooja: 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM
Panchopachar Puja: 8:00 PM
Shej Aarti: 10:00 PM

morgaon ganesha temple

The idol of this temple is Lord Mayureshwar or Lord Ganesha also called as Lord Moreshwar which is made of alloy of five metals and the trunk of lord Ganesha towards left and bounded with Goddess Riddhi and Goddess Siddhi. The other idol in this temple are Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Brahnma, Nagna-Bhairava, Nandi etc. There are 6 feet mouse idol on the entrance of the temple and other 23 idols of Lord Ganesha which all depicting different forms of Lord Ganpati. Ganesh Chaturthi, Magh Shuddha Chaturthi, Dasehara and Somavati Amavasya are major festivals are celebrated by this temple and lots of people visiting this temple on that days. On Sankasthi chaturthi of every month attract huge pilgrims from different parts. This is must visit the temple of Maharashtra.

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