Vasai Jain Temple in Bhadreshwar

Bhadreshwar Temple is commonly known as Vasai Jain temple, it is a religious worshipped place for Jain community and Jain follower. Vasai Jain Temple is located in the village of Bhadreshwar in Kutch district of Gujarat State. The temple is offered to the Jain deity Ajitnath. This temple has very historic and ancient and have much importance in Jainism. The temple is also considered as a Historic Monument too. This temple is recognized as an old temple out of all Jain temples in India. There are 44 small temples are also situated around the main shrine. The temple area is 48 feet in width and faces east direction. The design of the temple is very similar to the Dilwara Temple which is in Abu. The temple contains three images of Jain lord, central of Thirthankara, second of Santinath, and a third of Parshwanath. All images are made with the pure white marbles and look so manifesting. It is one of the panchtirth of Kutch of Jain sacred places.

Fact About Vasai Jain Temple of Bhadreshwar

Address: Bhadreshwar Village, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Location: 27 km away from Mundra taluka of Kutch
Phone Number: 02838 282 382
Pincode: 370410
Built In: Around 5th century
Built By: Initiated by Shri Devchand
Dedicated to: Jain Lord Ajitnath
Signification: A Tamrapatra was found here
Main Attraction: Main Temple and other small shrines
Famous As: Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
Also Known As: Vasai Jain Tirth
Architecture: Similar to other Jain temple style
Celebrated festivals or Events: Mahavir Jayanti
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Kandla Airport.
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Vasai which is 15.6 km away from the temple. There are various trains available from all over Gujarat and out of India too.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Nearest Bus stand is Mundra which is 27 KM away from temple. You can easily get a private transportation, Buses and Luxury coaches from major towns from anywhere in Gujarat State

The Vasai Jain temple is a very ancient and historic. The temple has undergone by many renovations and changes in the 1125 by a wealthy Jain merchant named Jagdusha because the temple was many times destroyed due to natural disasters like earthquakes in the 17th and 18th centuries. The temple has totally destroyed in earthquake happen in 2001. The temple situated if the place of courtyard and having large domes. Bhadreshwar was very popular as Bhadravati Nagari in ancient time. Shri Devchand has started stepping for building a temple after he found a Tamrapatra from this place. The idols of this temple were accredited by Shree Muni Kapil 45 years after Prabhu’s Nirvan. As per some famous tells this Vasai temple was built during the age of Mahabharata when as per the other sources one Shravak was a founder of the temple. The temple was renovated many times after its construction. Many wealthy Jain merchants and follower gave their support to the temple. Inside the Jain temple, there are two mosques in Bhadreshwar also, that were constructed during around the 11th century and clearly shows Iran’s attack on years ago.

Aarti and Darshan Timing for Vasai Jain Temple at Bhadreshwar

Open Days: All Days
Visit Duration: up to 2 hour
Photography: Not allowed inside the temple
Darshan Timing: 6.00 AM to 8.00 PM daily
Best time to visit: During Mahavir Jayanti Festival
Entry Fee: Free for all
Aarti Timing: Daily at 6.00 AM

Commonly in all Jain temples the major festival is Mahavir Jayanti as well in Vasai Temple Too. People celebrate Mahavir Jayanti with full delight and devotional spirit. The main festival is Mahavir Jayanti which is celebrated Badreshvar or Vasai Jain temple. Mahavir Jayanti is commemorated as the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir. In this festival the idol of Lord Mahavira is carried out on a chariot and people create Rath Yatra or procession. People continue to sing some Jain religious songs and enchanting Mahavir mantra. Then after Mahavira are given the abhisheka. Many devotees visit temples and meditate and offer prayers to Mahavir and monks give some spiritual speech in the temples to be good and virtuous. The temple is decorated with lamps and flowers on this special day and people feel great by taking part in the celebration too. Many Other religious ceremonies are also held by the temple trust. People make donations and charity for poor and slaughters. Historic Jain temples in all over India are an extremely high significance.


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