Chamunda Mataji Temple Chotila near Rajkot

Chotila is a devotional Hindu town and located in the Surendranagar District in Indian State of Gujarat. Chotila is a very small village located 50 km far from Rajkot. The Temple is offered to Goddess Chamunda Devi and every Hindu comes here to offer prayer to deity Chamunda. The Temple is situated upon Hill and very ancient. Chotila was taken by the Kathis in 1566 AD. There are many other temples are on Chotila Hill.

The Hill is approx 1173 feet in height so all devotees have to reach there by climbing up to 340 steps stair and at the bottom of the hill there are many shops to buy some religious items such as chundari, kumkum, dvd and etc. In India mostly all ‘mataji’ or Deity’s temples are located on the top of the hill. Chamunda Devi is also famous as Rann chandi, Durga and Parvati. She is a warrior and goddess of power and kuldevi of many people in saurastra. Chamunda goddess has the Lion and her vehicle. Chotila temple is very famous across Gujarat and India.

Fact About Chotila Chamunda Mata Temple

Address: Shri Chamunda Mataji Temple, near Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Location: 49 km far from Rajkot, Approximately 1173 feet above sea level
Phone Number: 02751-290354, +91 8530007000
Pincode: 363520
Built In: About 600 Years Ago
Built By: Not Available
Dedicated to: Hindu Goddess Chamunda Devi
Signification: The temple is historic and ancient
Main Attraction: Goddess Chamunda temple
Famous As: Chamunda Ma Temple
Also Known As: Chotila Temple
Architecture: Hindu Temple Style
Celebrated festivals or Events: Nine night Durga Navaratri
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Rajkot Airport, which is approximately 49 km away from Chotila.
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Rajkot which is about 47 km away from the Chotila. You can get various trains available from all over Gujarat and out of India too.
How to reach By Bus or Road: The temple situated on Ahmedabad – Rajkot Highway. Nearest Bus stands is Rajkot. You can easily get a private transportation, Buses and Luxury coaches from major towns from anywhere in Gujarat State.

There is a famous historical about the chotila Chamunda Mata temple. Chotila was known as Chotgadh in ancient times later renamed to chotila. Chotila is historically called as Panchal. The legends associated with the two demons named ‘Chanda’ and ‘Munda’. Lord Brahma was pleased with their hard prayer and appeared before them and gave blessings to be the warriors to them. After getting blessings from Brahma they came to conquer Devi Mahakali. During the fight devi cut their heads and offered to Maa Amba and Amba tell her that she will be worshipped as Chamunda Devi forever. If you want Darshan of goddess Chamunda then you will have to undergo with some physical strain because the temple located at the top of the hill.

Another story is Lord Shiva created goddess Chamunda to destroy a demon named Raktabij who was able to make more demons with his blood drops. Goddess Chamunda has drunk all his blood during war with raktabij and kill the demon. The temple built-in a unique architectural style. The Chotila Chamunda mata temple has vast significant in Indian culture and Hinduism. Every year huge crowd of people comes and gets blessings to fulfill their wishes from Devi ma Chamunda.

Aarti and Darshan Timing for Chotila Chamunda Mata Temple

Open Days: Open for All days
Visit Duration: 3 hours
Photography: Not Allowed Inside Temple
Darshan Timing: Darshan Starts before 30 Minutes from Morning Aarti to after 30 Minutes from Evening Aarti
Best time to visit: July to September
Entry Fee: Free for All
Aarti Timing: Monday to Saturday 6.00 AM, Sunday 5.30 AM. On every Purnima 4.00 AM, In Evening 6.00 PM

Chotila is a hindu worship place and many different festivals are celebrated there, but the major festival is Navratri. This festival is help during the month of September or October During the navaratri, a big havan or sacrifices is organized in the Chamunda mata temple. In Hinduism Navratri is a ‘nine night’ festival is one of the most famous and widely celebrated Hindu festivals in Chotila and also all over India. During this nice day Chamunda mata temple has been decorated with so many lights and flower and all nice day special pooja have done in the temple.

Each night the village or urban neighborhood comes to gather and offer a Puja and Aarti to one of the nine forms of Goddess during Navratri. During these days, many devotees come to the Chotila to get blessings from the goddess. People also believe that after the Aarti in the evening nobody stays on the hill because goddess Chamunda has said this and also a lion used to visit the hill during the night. People come on special days like Punam, Seventh and eighth day of Shrawan Month also.

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