Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad

Bhadra Fort is located in the old city area of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state. The Fort was built by Ahmad Shah around 1411 and renovated in 2014 by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and ASI. Ahmedabad is the largest and commercial city of Gujarat. The fort was constructed just after the founding of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad was named after the king Ahmad Shah, who takes Karnavati in 1411 and established as the new capital of Gujarat and built Bhadra Fort on the bank of the River Sabarmati. From the roof of the Bhadra fort one can see the tremendous views of surrounding streets. The Bhadra fort is the one of the oldest and most royal fort and also a historical monument in Ahmedabad. One of the Bhadra gates is called the Lal Darwaja where the famous temple of Bhadrakali Goddess located and built to provide an entrance to the fort. The second Gate of the fort is called Teen Darwaza or Delhi darvaja which is three-arched gates. Along with the time Ahmedabad has become a wealthy and trade centre. In present time fort has been ruined and no one care for it Toady, the fort is in very bad condition.

Fact About Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad

Address: Jijabai Marg, Bhadra, Old Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Location: On the east bank of the Sabarmati River
Phone Number: Not Available
Pincode: 380001
Built In: 1411
Built By: Ahmad Shah I of Muzaffarid dynasty
Signification: Famous historic monument in Ahmedabad
Main Attraction: Teen Darwaza, Maidan Shahi, lal darvaja
Famous As: Arak Fort
Architecture: Moghal Fort Style
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Ahmedabad International airport, which is approximately 11 km far from Bhadra fort.
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kalupur which is approximately 4 km away from the bhadra fort.
How to reach By Bus or Road: The nearest Bus Stand is Kalupur. Ahmedabad is well-connected with all cities of Gujarat.

Gujarat is famous for many of its historical monuments and Bhadra fort is one out of them. The fort is famous for Teen Darwaza which was the entry to Maidan Shah. This fort is the place that truly reflects the royal history of Ahmedabad city. The Bhadra fort has the best Islamic architecture construction. Peshwa and Gaekwad jointly established Maratha Empire in Ahmedabad around 1583. The British beat the Marathas and win for both, but they gave back the fort after signing Conciliation with the Marathas. Bhadra fort is also famous as Arak Fort according to Mirat-I-Ahmadi. The bhadra fort area covered forty-three acres and containing 162 houses, eight gates, three major large gates and two in the east and one in the southwest corner of Ahmedabad City. Gujarat has been ruled by Mughal emperors Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb. The fort has a many splendid buildings and tourist can visit the posh rooms of the kings and the dark dungeons, the imperial court and other halls as well. You can visit the fort anytime in the year.The fort is visited by a huge count of tourist and history lovers daily.

Entry Fee and Timing for Bhadra Fort at Ahmedabad

Open Days: Open All days
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Photography: Allowed
Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Best time to visit: You can visit this Bhadra fort any time during year
Entry Fee: Free to All

One of the major attractions of the fort is the Teen Darwaza or the Maidan Shahi which brings tourists there. The fort is one of the most lively places around the city. The fort is located in the heart of the Ahmedabad city. Before Bhadra fort is surrounded by beautiful Nagina Baugh and the Ahmed Shah’s Mosque on the west side. Other major attractions are around Bhadra fort is Azam Khan Sarai, Bhadra Kali Temple and Clock tower. Azam Khan Sarai is a palace built by Mir Muhammad Baquir who also famous as Azam Khan. The Sarai was used as a resting place for travellers then during use as a hospital and during British rule used as a prison. Bhadra Kali Temple is a famous across Ahmedabad and having a black marble idol of goddess Bhadra Kali with who has four hands. You can visit this temple and get blessings too. Near the temple there is a tomb of Siddique Kotwal who stopped deity laxmidevi to leaving Ahmedabad city, as per the famous legend. About the clock tower, a clock was imported from London.

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