Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad

Sarkhej Roza is a complex ground of mosque and tomb situated in the Makarba village in Ahmedabad City which is 7 km away from city. Sarkhej roza is also popular as fortified part of an ancient Greek city Ahmedabad. It is the most respected worship place of Islam. It is the sacred place for the Muslim community. Sarkhej consist of the most attractive and elegant architectural complexes of Ahmedabad. It is a unique example of the Islamic and hindi architectural. The famous architects Azam and Muazzam Khan have created the design of this complex and they were Persian brothers. The total area of Roza complex is approximately 72 acres and surrounded by beautiful gardens. This is the place where design is a combination of Hindu and Muslim culture. Whole buildings stand on pierced sandstone and it doesn’t have an arch. Sarkhej village was a major hub of Sufi culture in the India. Sufi saint Shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh lived in this village in ancient time.

Fact About Sarkhej Roza of Ahmedabad

Address: Post Jeevraj Park, Sarkhej Makarba Road, Makarba Village, Ahmedabad
Location: 7 km south-west of Ahmedabad
Phone Number: 079 2682 8675
Pincode: 380051
Built In: 600 years ago
Built By: Azam and Muazzam Khan
Signification: It is an important and oldest Islamic tourist destination in Ahmedabad, having historical and religious significance.
Main Attraction: Carved sandstones, Corridors, Roza’s complex
Famous As: Sarkhej Roza
Architecture: Indo Saracenic Revival architecture
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Ahmedabad International airport, which is approximately 16 km far from sarkhej Roza.
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kalupur in Ahmedabad. There are various trains available to reach to Ahmedabad city.
How to reach By Bus or Road: The nearest Bus Stand is Kalupur and Gita Mandir in Ahmedabad. The city is well connected with all major cities of Gujarat.

Sarkhej Roza is the most visited places of Ahmedabad. It is one type of mosque located in Makraba village. The Roza gets its name from the Sufi Saint named Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh people believed that he have lived in sarkhej in the last period of his life. In the ancient time the Roza’s complex area was total seventy-two acres, but with the time change residential area spread over the gardens and the area reduced to thirty-four acres. After visiting this beautiful place along with the tombs, mosques and palaces located around it, gives a feel of the 15th century period. The beauty of the sarkhej roza is because of its simplicity. The sacred Masjid or mosque has corridors on all sides with the common prayer hall and there is a special muluk khana which is a room for ladies. Another remarkable view of this roza is clear hearing of the recital of the Pesh Imam at prayers. Do must visit this marvellous and historical monument while being on tour to Ahmedabad. Its Stunning architecture will surely amaze you.

Entry Fee and Timing for Sarkhej Roza at Ahmedabad

Open Days: Open All Days
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Photography: Allowed
Timing: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Best time to visit: November to February
Entry Fee: Free

The sarkhej Roza is a changeless building structure that has withstood many climatic changes. The mosque is nicely located on a lake and very neat and cleaned up over the past years. It is about 600 years old sacred shrine of the Muslim community. The roza complex can be visited with family during the day and the evening too. The place has become favourite Hollywood movies shooting destination, but they do not allow women inside the main part. Everyday large crowd visit this place, but poorly the maintenance is not so good, they do not take enough care of this place even after so much popularity across Ahmedabad. Sarkhej has become a place for relaxation and meditation. There are many residential hotels around the complex, such as Ramada Hotel, Formula 1, Platinum Residency and many more. You can also visit some nearest tourist places like Sabarmati riverfront, Kankaria Lake, law garden, Iskon temple, manek chawk, Sidi saiyad mosque and PVR cinemas; All are located between 8 to 10 km area around sarkhej Roza. It is such a divine place and everybody should visit this once in a life.

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