ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad

Iskcon temple is also known as Sri Sri Radha Govind Dham. The Iskcon temple is situated on sarkhej Gandhinagar highway near the satellite area of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. It is a Vaishnav community temple offered to Lord Krishna and Radharani in the form of Radha Govindji. It’s the most visited sacred tourist destinations in Ahmedabad. The Iskcon temple was built during 1997 AD to complete the orders of Bhaktivedanta Swami. The temple has much significant as it is still recommended as the most popular temples in Ahmedabad. The temple is a blend of Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira style architectural and speeded over on 4 acres land. At the centre of the temple there are idols of the deities Radha, Krishna and srinathji. On the right side the idols of Sita, Rama, Lakshmana and Hanumanji. On the left side the idols of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, Prabhupada and Sarasvati Thakura. The temple is well maintained and extremely neat and clean and got high rated in cleanliness and worship. ISKCON temple is famous for its food and they also arrange free food on special occasions.

Fact About ISKCON Temple of Ahmedabad

Address: Satellite Road, Sarkhej Ghandhinagar Highway Crossing, Ahmedabad
Location: Near the satellite area of Ahmedabad
Phone Number: 079 26861945, 079 26861645, 079 26862350
Pincode: 380059
Built In: 1997 AD
Built By: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
Dedicated to: Shree Krishna and Radha
Signification: It is the most popular temple in Ahmedabad
Main Attraction: Temple architectural design, Idols of Gods, Aarti of Temple
Famous As: Sri Sri Radha Govind Dham
Architecture: Hindu Style Temple
Celebrated festivals or Events: Krishna Janamashti
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Ahmedabad International Airport, which is approximately 18 km away from Iskcon temple.
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kalupur. There are many trains available from all over Gujarat.
How to reach By Bus or Road: The nearest Bus station is Kalupur and Gita Mandir. You can easily reach to the Iskcon temple at Sarkhej by taking local Buses or by hiring taxis and auto from anywhere in Gujarat.

ISKCON Is an International Society for Krishna awareness and Sri Radha Govinda Dham or iskcon temple is a part of it. The temple was suggested by the great Swami Bhaktivedanta. The temple is a perfect place for Experience the great inner piece of soul. The Iskcon temple is located near the Gujarat Samachar Press in Ahmedabad. It is the most beautiful and clean temple of the city. Swami Bhaktivedanta has established more than 100 iskcon temples around the world. People also know the temple as Hare Krishna Temple. ISKCON is a Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu religious organisation which spread message of Shree Krishna around the world. According to the history, Shree Krishna was appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu before 525 years ago to make devotee to the chanting of god’s sacred names and those are Hare Krishna Hare Rama. Every day huge crowd come to the temple and attend aarti and Pooja of Shree Krishna.

Aarti and Darshan Timing for ISKCON Temple of Ahmedabad

Open Days: Open All Days
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Photography: Not Allowed Inside Temple
Aarti Timing: Mangla Arti at 4.30 AM and Sandhya Arti at 6.30 PM
Darshan Timing: Morning 4:30 AM to 1:00 PM and Evening 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Best time to visit: You can visit this temple anytime during the year, but the best time is during Krishna Janmastmi.
Entry Fee: Free

Sri Krishna Janmastmi is a birthday of Lord Krishna is a very significant festival for Iskcon temples. This is the biggest festival ever which celebrated every year at Iskcon temple Ahmedabad lakhs of devotees visit the temple for a Krishna Darshan on this auspicious day in India. Iskcon temple starts amazing preparation a day before the festival. Whole temple is decorated with the flowers and dazzling lights and painting. They tie a beautiful flowered arched at the doors of the temples and make temple clean and neat. Janmastmi is the most awaiting and important festivals to the Vaishnav. On this day people perform Dance and drama about Krishna’s life and start celebrating from the midnight because Sri Krishna was born at 12.00 am. Main specialties of this festival at the iskcon temple are they offered 108 types of different food to the Lord Krishna with priceless love and faith. Devotee offers sacred bathing to the lord with water contained saffron,tulsi and Rose petals. Iskcon temple is a must visit in Ahmedabad if you are planning your trip to Ahmedabad. It is such a Devine experience to have a Darshan of Sri Krishna at ISKCON Temple.


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