Qutbuddin Tomb or Hazira Maqbara in Vadodara

Hazira Maqbara is a mausoleum. It is located in the Vadodara city, the second big city of Gujarat after Ahmedabad. There is a tomb of Qutub-ud-din Muhammad Khan in the mausoleum. He was the son of Akbar and private tutor of Salim. He was also the follower of Naurang Khan. The Hazira Maqbara was constructed around 1586 and it is the tomb built-in the memory of Qutub-Ud-Din. He was the army general of King Akbar. Qutub-ud-din was killed by Muzaffar III in 1583 who was the Last Sultan of Gujarat. It is the Persian styled monument and one of the oldest structures in history of Vadodara. The real tomb lays an underground chamber and fake false grave lies in the tomb chamber. The mausoleum built on an octagonal shaped platform and it has smaller gates and five arches on each side direction. The cylinder shaped dome is in the lower portion of the tomb has covered with red colour bricks. There are Arabic holy texts carved everywhere inside the tomb, arches, jali and all side walls.

Fact About Hazira Maqbara of Vadodara

Address: ONGC, Danteshwar, Vadodara
Location: About 1 Km far from the Pratap nagar railway override
Phone Number: 83205 67092
Pincode: 390004
Built In: 1586
Built By: Not Available
Signification: It is built-in memory of Qutub-ud-din Muhammad Khan
Main Attraction: Its Mughal architectural style, step well, five arches, carved jali, numerous tombs, large green garden
Famous As: Qutbuddin Hazira
Architecture: Mughal Architecture
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Vadodara airport, which is approximately 8 km far from the Hazira Maqbara
How to reach By Rail: The nearest railway station is Vadodara. Various trains are available to reach to Vadodara.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Vadodara is well connected by road with the all major cities of Gujarat and outside the state. One can easily reach there by bus, hiring auto or taxi.

Qutub-ud-din served as the governor of Gujarat from 1573 to 1583 AD. Hazira Maqbara is memory of him. The tomb is situated on a height in octagonal shape platform and its side walls are carved beautiful jali work on all over windows and arches. There are separate rooms for many tombs that are used to open for worshipers and tourists. Its Mughal style architectural attracts many history lovers from all over Gujarat. There is a garden around the grave which makes this place more picturesque and attractive. Local people also call it “Hazira” instead of Qutbuddin Hazira. The Hazira is quite famous for its extremely carved ancient Mughal style jali work. Gujarat is most famous for its rich historical places like Hazira Maqbara. This is the Muslim sacred worship place. It gives you immense pleasure when entering the Hazira and you can feel the really peaceful and soothing environment around you. This Hazira is the ideal place for enjoy some relaxing time with yourself.

Entry Fee and Timing for Qutbuddin Tomb or Hazira Maqbara at Vadodara

Open Days: Open for all days in year
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Photography: Not allowed
Timing: 8.00 am to 6.30 pm Daily. Timings may change for Eid al-fitr
Best time to visit: You can visit the Hazira Maqbara at any time during the year
Entry Fee: Free

Hazira Maqbara is one of the ancient mausoleums. It is having purely Islamic architecture style. There are many Quranic holy Arabic text carving done on many parts of all tombs. The best time to visit is early morning while sunlight through comes inside through the jalis looks marvelous and divine. Both the garden tomb and main grave are being maintained by ASI and it’s also under restoration. It is also having a step well situated along with the western side of the grave. The step well was used for supplying the water to the garden and nearby trees. The Hazira Maqbara is a worth visit place in Vadodara. Qutbuddin Hazira is famous in locals and tourist. It is the built-in remembrance of Qutbuddin Muhammad Khan. This is the one of the Mughal emperor Akbar. The beautiful monument is located between large green gardens. Beside of this place Vadodara has been gifted by historical and royal Mughal places which make Vadodara city most visited ever in Gujarat.

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