Jagannathi Bhuwneshwari Mata Temple in Bhekhli near Kullu

Jagannathi temple is a beautiful holy place situated in Kullu town. Kullu is a small town and lovely valley in Himachal Pradesh province of India and biggest valley in India. The temple is situated at bhekhli which is 10 km far from Kullu Bus stand. The temple is a popular landmark in Kullu valley. It is very old and historic temple which is supposed to build during 12th century and 1500 years ancient. The temple is dedicated to goddess Bhuvaneshwari which is incarnation of Durga or Shakti. The temple is located at the perfect place from where the beautiful view of Kullu valley and Beas River can be seen perfectly. Jagannathi temple has been visited by the local people daily and also by domestic and international tourists. There is an amazing carving work of various form of Goddess Durga. The temple is built-in famous Pahari style architecture which is very common in Kullu. The temple walls are excellently adorned with many images and carving of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Fact About Jagannathi Bhuwneshwari Mata Temple of Kullu

Address: Bhekhli road, bhekhli, Kullu District in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh
Location: 3 km far from Kullu town
Phone Number: Not Available
Pincode: 171001
Built In: 12th century
Built By: Not Available
Dedicated to: Goddess Bhuvaneshwari
Signification: The goddess Bhuvaneshwari was appeared here in the form of little girl
Main Attraction: Wooden Crafted sculptures of Goddess on the Walls and Pahari architecture style of temple
Famous As: Jagannathi Bhuvaneshwari Devi Temple
Also Known As: Jagannathi Bhuvaneshwari Mata Temple
Architecture: Pahari Style Temple
Celebrated festivals or Events: Navaratri
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu which is approximately 10 kilometers far from Kullu. Jagannathi temple is about 23 km far from the airport. Tourist can reach Jagannathi temple by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport.
How to reach By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Joginder nagar which is up to 135 km far from The Jagannathi Temple. Kullu is well connected with all major cities of India. Many Other various trains are also available to reach to Kullu.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Jagannathi Devi Temple is just 3 km away from Kullu Town. A large number of transport, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India. Tourist also reaches Kullu by their own vehicles.

The history about the Jagannathi Devi temple is very significant and very interesting. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is the 4th aspect and incarnation of Deity Durga. She was created to creation of the entire World. The story contains two shepherd boys who was playing their flute and suddenly saw two girls was dancing on the music of their flute sound. Shepherd boy caught both them and she told that she was a deity and wants to settle in the Bhekhli village. The temple has beautiful and royal stuffs such as Rajasthan tribal style Gadi. The temple is really historic and more than 1500 years old. The idol of the Bhuvaneshwari Devi is amazingly decorated. The temple is very famous and having very nice wood crafting decoration in it. People trust that goddess fulfill every devotees wishes and desire who come with faith and worship her. Kullu is the full of such a great temple. If you are religious and faithful than you can visit many sacred temples in Kullu which is full of Holy Spirit.

Aarti and Darshan Timing at Jagannathi Bhuwneshwari Temple in Kullu

Open Days: Open all days of the year
Visit Duration: 2 hour
Photography: Not allowed inside Temple
Timing: 6:30 AM to 7.30 PM daily
Aarti Timing: 7:00 AM in Morning and 7:00 PM in Evening
Best time to visit: Any time during a year
Entry Fee: Free for all

Jagannathi temple is a 12th century holy place which is worshiped by many durga devotees. Jagannathi Devi is famous as Bhuvaneshwari and the temple is also famous as bhekhli temple. Navaratri is the major festival which is celebrated by the temple every year and much other Hindu festival are also celebrated here. Jagannathi Devi temple is a popular destination for Hindu tourist and also we can call a pilgrimage place too. The people of the town are very religious and very helping. The temple is a major attraction of Kullu because it lies above the highest sea level and offer picturesque view of Kullu valley. Every once can visit Jagannathi temple and worship in their own way. There are local markets named Dhalpur Bazaar and Sarvari Bazaar around the temple which are favorites for shoppers. Visitors can shop religious stuffs and other things from Kullu. The temple is a nice place and worth visit. Don’t forget to visit Jagannathi temple and blessings from goddess of the queen of valley Kullu.

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