The Agam Kuan in Patna

The Agam Kuan is a historic and mysterious well in Patna. The Agam means the thing which cannot be understood by anyone and Kuan means well. The Agam Kuan is an ancient well located in Patna city of Bihar State. It is considered as important archaeological site in India. The well lies very close to Gulzarbagh Station at south-west direction. The Agam Kuan is believed to be a most ancient place from Ashoka period. It is the most important landmark and unique monument which are popular for its legend. As per tells, a King had thrown his brothers dead bodies after killing in this well. The Outer side wall of Agam Kuan is fixed with block and includes contains wooden rings in the rest of the 19 meters. The well is approx 105 feet deep in land and having right windows at different place. Agam Kuan is an amazing monument in Patna. The Agam Kuan is recognized as an archaeological site by the Archaeological Survey of India. There are a temple and some medieval sculptures are installed in the well ground.

Facts about the Agam Kuan of Patna

Address: Gulzarbagh Station, Patna
District: Patna
State: Bihar
Phone Number: Not Available
Pin code: 800007
Built In: Not Available
Built by‎: King Ashoka
Main Attractions: The outer wall, stairs and mystery about the Agam well
Famous As: Agam Kuan
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport which is up to 5 kilometers far from Patna. Agam Kuan is up to 16 km far from the airport. Tourist can reach to Agam Kuan by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport.
How to reach By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Patna Junction. Agam Kuan is up to 7 km far from Patna Junction. Patna is well connected with all major cities of India by Rail. Many Other various trains are also available for Patna from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Nearest Bus stand is Mithapur which is up to 9 km far from The Agam Kuan. A large number of transport, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India to Patna. Tourists can also reach Patna by their own vehicles.

Patna’s Agam Kuan well has been remaining mysterious even after many years. Agam Kuan is having both religious and archaeological significant form the ancient time of Ashoka Emperor. As per the history, King Ashoka killed and dumped his all 99 brothers in to the well to become a king. The Agam Kuan was found by the Laurence Waddell during 1902-03. He mentioned that, a Muslims used to throw gold and silver coins in the well before entering Patna. Tourists are still throwing coins into the well while visiting the Agam Kuan. There is a temple of Goddess Shitla is located near the well. Shitla Devi is the primary deity of Patna which cures disease like chicken pox in children. Tourist visits the Agam well first and then visits the Shitla Mata temple. People of Patna believe that many diseases such as chicken pox get cured by the water of the Agam well. Many local and domestic devotees come here to worship the well daily.

Entry Fee and Timing at the Agam Kuan in Patna

Open days: Open for all days of the year
Visit Duration: up to 1 hour
Photography: Allowed
Visit Timing: No particular timing required. Tourist can visit Agam Kuan at any time of the day
Best time to visit: Tourists can Visit the Agam Kuan anytime during the Year
Entry Fee: Free Entry

The Agam well was built by King Ashoka to dump his criminal activity and dead body. Even after having such a worst history the well is worshiped by the local people. Many various mysterious stories are famous about the well. As per the stories Ashoka killed his all brothers to get kingdom and dumped their dead bodies in the Agam Well. Agam Kuan truly means Unfathomable well and nobody can understand it. It is the most imperative early noteworthy archaeological stays in Patna. Every day many tourists and devotees visit the well first and then visit the goddess Shitla temple. Agam well has much religious importance in Hindu community. Many holy rituals are performed by the local people and devotees at the well and the temple. The well is become a mysterious tourist point in Patna. Tourists can get easy available accommodation facility, hotels and food service around the well. The Agam well is really mystery place and must visit tourist place of Patna.

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