Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Bodh Gaya

The Mahabodhi Temple is a Buddhist temple of Bodhgaya. The temple is very ancient and significant temple. The temple is dedicated to Buddhist Lord Gautama Buddha. The temple is situated at Bodhgaya town of Bihar State in India. People believe that the Mahabodhi Temple was built by the Samrat Ashoka. The temple is having tall and golden-colored idol of Lord Buddha in the center place. The huge statue of Lord Buddha is approx 1700 years old and looking really attractive and wonderful to devotees. The idol of lord Buddha is sitting is a touching ground position named a ‘Bhumisparsh Mudra’ and facing east direction. The Mahabodhi Temple is a holy pilgrimage place in Bodhgaya for Buddhist and also Hindu can visit this temple. The Mahabodhi Temple is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They restored the temple again. It is such a historic temple. Devotees complete their holy journey by visiting the holy Bodhi tree situated in the Mahabodhi temple Complex. It is said that lord Buddha have gained enlightenment at the temple place.

Facts about the Mahabodhi Temple

Address: Bodhgaya, Bihar
District: Gaya
State: Bihar
Phone Number: +91 06312 20 0735
Pin code: 824231
Built In: 19th Century
Built by‎: Samrat Ashoka
Dedicated To: Lord Gautama Buddha
Significant: The lord Buddha has attained enlightenment at this temple under the Bodhi tree and the Mahabodhi Temple is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Famous As: Mahabodhi Temple
Architecture Style: ‎Hindu Temple Style
Celebrated festivals or Events: Buddha Jayanti, Kathina Civra Dana, Ambedkar Jayanti, Monlam Puja, Buddha Mahotsav
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Bodhgaya Airport which is up to 9 kilometers far from Gaya. Mahabodhi Temple is up to 14 km far from the airport. Tourist can reach to Mahabodhi Temple by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport.
How to reach By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Gaya Junction. Mahabodhi Temple is up to 17 km far from Gaya Junction. Gaya is well connected with all major cities of India by Rail. Many Other various trains are also available for Gaya from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Gaya Bus stand is the nearest bus stand which is up to 12 km far from The Vishnupad Temple. A large number of transport, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India to Gaya. Tourists can also reach Gaya by their own vehicles.

The temple has associated with the history of Buddha that Buddha attained enlightenment at this place. As per the history, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama couldn’t saw the sorrow of the people of the world. He wanted to end the sadness of all people so he went to the Phalgu River and set under the fig tree. The tree became famous as Bodhi tree today. Buddha has spent his seven week at different places at Bodhgaya and gained enlightenment and wonderful experience by meditation. The temple is widely visited by Buddhist devotee every year. The history is around 589 BCE old as temple. The Mahabodhi is also called Great Enlightenment Temple and it is a one type of stupa in Bodhgaya. The Mahabodhi temple has marvelous structure made with bricks. The temple has 55 meter tall towers and another small tower, a Mandap, many bands, decorative designs and carving. The temple is really ancient from 19th century.

Entry Fee and Timing for the Mahabodhi Temple

Open days: Open for all day of the year
Visit Duration: up to 1 hour
Photography: Not Allowed
Aarti Timings: 5.00 am daily
Darshan Timing: 5:00 am to 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Best time to visit: Devotees can Visit Mahabodhi Temple anytime during the Year
Entry Fee: Free Entry

The Primary and biggest festival celebrated in Mahabodhi temple is Buddha Jayanti. The festival is held in May on full moon day every year. Thousands of Hindu and Buddhist devotees come to Bodhgaya to take part in this celebration. Buddha Jayanti is a three-day long festival celebration and many cultural and religious activities are done during the celebration. Along with Buddha Jayanti other festivals like Kathina Civra Dana, Ambedkar Jayanti, Monlam Puja & Peace ceremony and Buddha Mahotsav are also celebrated in the Mahabodhi temple. The Mahabodhi temple is a Buddhist stupa and famous tourist place and religious destination of Bodhgaya in Bihar. The temple is many times renovated and restored by UNESCO. It is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage place in the world. The tall and cross-legged golden statue of Lord Buddha in the center is a major attraction of the Mahabodhi temple. The other attraction is The Bodhi tree located in the temple complex. As per tells Buddha achieved enlightenment under this tree for four days. Do must visit this historic temple in Bodhgaya Town. Tourists surely like this temple after visiting.

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