Shiv Bari Temple in Bikaner

The shiv Bari temple is a Hindu holy pilgrimage place of Rajasthan in India. The temple is located 6 km far from the Bikaner city in Rajasthan State. The shiv Bari Temple is offered to lord Shiva. There isn’t any evidence about who built the temple but as per the tell This Shiva Temple was built by Maharaja Doongar Singh ji. A black marble idol of Shiva installed in the temple which is consists four faces and a Shiva lingam is also in the temple. There is a beautiful painting of Shiva’s great devotee named Nandi which is facing at the Shiva Lingam. Lord Shiva is seated in the form of a Shiva Lingam in the shiv Bari temple. The temple has been built-in Hindu architecture style. Beautiful Red sandstone is used in entire Shiva temple and high walls are built all around the Temple. The Shiv Bari temple is very old from 19th century and having much importance in Hindu Community. Lord Shiva is one of the great Hindu Trinity Deities and Mostly worshipped god in Hinduism.

Facts about the Shiv Bari Temple

Address: Jai Narayan Vyas Colony, Bikaner
Location: Located 6 km far from Bikaner City
District: Bikaner
State: Rajasthan
Phone Number: Not Available
Pin code: 334001
Built In: 19th Century
Built By: Maharaja Dungar Singh Ji
Significant: The temple is important pilgrimage place of Hindu in Rajasthan and Lord Shiva’s temple
Attractions: Red sandstone Design, Painting of Nandi, Shiva Lingam, Black Idol of Shiva
Famous As: The Shiv Bari Temple
Dedicated To: Lord Shiva or Mahadev
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is up to 249 kilometers far from the Bikaner City. The Shiv Bari Temple is up to 250 km far from the airport. Tourist can reach to The Shiv Bari Temple by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport. Many other flights are available from major cities of India to Bikaner easily.
How to reach By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Bikaner Junction. The Shiv Bari Temple is just 5 km far from Railway Junction. Bikaner City is well connected with all major cities of India by many Railway Lines. Various trains are also available for Bikaner from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Bikaner is well connected with all major cities via National and State Highways. A large number of transport, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India to Bikaner. Tourists can also reach Bikaner by their own vehicles.

The Shiv Bari temple is a religious place of Hindu located in the Heritage city of Rajasthan. As per the temple name Lord Shiva is worshipped in the temple. There isn’t much famous history about the temple but still the Shiv Bari temple has great significant in India. An Ancient Shiv Bari temple is constructed by Maharaja Doongar Singh ji. The temple is reveals unique and heritage culture and tradition of Rajasthan. Every day many devotees visit the temple and worship the trinity lord Shiva. A very beautiful Shiv Bari temple has historic Rajasthani touch and a perfect place to getting some piece of mind. The temple has amazing architecture design and big walls around it to guard it. The temple has many domes, pavilions and columns inside it. The Shiv Bari temple is always remain crowded due to rush of devotees from all over India and abroad but during the festival of Shivratri and Hindu month of Shavan the temple is overloaded with human crowd.

Entry Fee and Timing for the Shiv Bari Temple

Open days: Open for all days in a year
Visit Duration: up to 1 hours
Photography: Not Allowed Inside
Visit Timing: 7 am to 7 pm Daily
Best time to visit: Tourists can Visit the Shiv Bari Temple during anytime in the Year
Entry Fee: Free Entry

The Shiv Bari temple is really unique and spiritual. Many important Hindu festivals and ceremonies have been celebrated by the temple but the major one is Maha Shivratri. Lord Shiva was born on this holy day. During the month of February and August, a lot of devotees visit the holy temple in huge number owing to the Maha Shivratri and Shavan festival respectively. The temple reflects traditional Rajasthani culture by having amazing miniature. The perfect time is to visit the temple is February and August. Large Number of devotees and tourists visit the temple during festival Maha Shivratri as the birth anniversary of lord Shiva. Devotees took part in every celebration during the Shivratri with respect and faith. They worship Shiva by offering abhishek of water and milk. The Shiv Bari temple can be called a charm of Bikaner city. Its beautiful location and divine atmosphere attracts many visitors and devotees. Tourists gets easy accommodation, hotels and guest house around the temple and also gets mouth licking Rajasthani Food everywhere. The temple is really worth your time.

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