Kodamdesar Bhairu Ji Temple in Bikaner

The Kodamdesar Temple is a Hindu religious temple also popular as Kodamdesar Bhainru Ji temple. The temple is situated in a Kodamdesar village in Bikaner district in Rajasthan State of India. The temple is 24 km far from the city center. Lord Bhairon is worshipped in this temple. Lord Bhairon is an incarnation of trinity Lord Shiva or Mahadev because it is believed that bhairon was born from the middle part between two eyes of Shiva. Rao Bikaji was the founder of the Bikaner city who also built the Kodamdesar Temple after leaving the Jodhpur. Bikaji rao decided to make a destination for a foundation for Bikaner City but later shifted to its present location. The beautiful and magnificent idol of lord Bairoji is kept in the center part of the temple. The temple is one of the prominent tourist place and pilgrimage center for Rajasthan and widely visited by the freshly wedded couples for blessings of lord bhairon. The temple is a popular destination for new baby’s mundan vidhi or hair shaving ceremony.

Facts about the Kodamdesar Bheruji Temple

Address: Kodamdesar village, Kodamdesar
District: Bikaner
State: Rajasthan
Phone Number: Not Available
Pin code: 334305
Built In: Not Available
Built By: Rao Bikaji, the founder of Bikaner City
Dedicated to: Lord Bhairon, an incarnation of Shiva
Significant: The temple is an Ancient Hindu pilgrimage place and most visited tourist destination of Bikaner city.
Attractions: Temple, Religious Place, Temple architectural style, fair
Famous As: Kodamdesar Bheruji Temple
Celebrated Festivals: Bhadrapad Fair
Architecture style: Hindu Style Temple
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is up to 251 kilometers far The Kodamdesar Bheruji. The Tourist can reach to The Kodamdesar Bheruji by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport. Many other flights are available from major cities of India to Bikaner easily.
How to reach By Rail: Nearest Railway station is Bikaner Junction. The Kodamdesar Bheruji is just 8 km far from Railway Junction. Bikaner City is well connected with all major cities of India by many Railway Lines. Various trains are also available for Bikaner from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Bikaner is well connected with all major cities via National and State Highways. A large number of transports, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India to Bikaner. Tourists can also reach the Kodamdesar Bheruji in Bikaner by their own vehicles.

The Kodamdesar Bheruji Temple is an ancient Shiva’s incarnation temple. The temple has an immense history attached behind it. Lord Bhairaon was the 5th Avatar, incarnation of Lord Mahadev. Lord Mahadev is the one of the Hindu Trinity God who contribute for making the world. Bhairon ji is the dangerous form of Mahadev. He was born from the Bhruguti of lord Shiva. Bhruguti is the place between the two eyebrows. The Kodam Desar Bhairon ji temple is built-in Hindu architecture style. It has round Shikhar which is looked like a tomb, Garbha Griha, a parikrama area and a Mandap. The temple has a common prayer hall where devotees can see a many Hindu deities picture on the walls. The temple is adorning with the white marble everywhere. There are many dogs can be seen in the temple complex because the dog is a vehicle of lord bhairon ji. There is a huge lake behind the temple where devotees can wash their hands and feet. Lord Bhaironji is the primary deity of Rajasthan and mostly worshipped god in the State.

Darshan and Aarti Timing for the Kodamdesar Bheruji Temple

Open days: Open for days in a year.
Visit Duration: up to 1 hour
Photography: Not Allowed
Darshan Timing: 5 am to 9 pm
The Best time to visit: Devotees can Visit the Kodamdesar Bheruji Temple anytime during the year but the best time would be a summer and winter.
Entry Fee: Free Entry for All

The Temples are the soul of the India and In India people are more religious and committed toward their deity. Large number of devotees and tourists come from the each corner of the world to feel the belief and faith of Hindu God at the kodam desar bheruji. The Kodam desar Bhairon ji temple is the prominent religious center and tourist place of Bikaner City. A special celebration of the huge Bhadrapad fair is held during the Hindu Bhadrapad month around the temple. Many devotees come to visit special for this fair. The kodam desar temple has no roof and the idol of the god is settled in the middle. Every day many devotees from India and abroad visit this temple and worshiped Lord Bhaironji. Bhairon ji is the form of Shiva and believed to disappear all misfortune, difficulties and sadness from his devotees life. Do must visit the kodam desar temple and experience great Devine blessings from the god Bhairon ji. If you are willing to go on a vacation in Bikaner City must make your stop at the Kodamdesar Bhairon ji temple and get blessings from the lord bheruji.

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