Teli Ka Mandir in Gwalior

The Teli Ka Mandir is a sacred place for Hindu and Buddhist both community. The Teli ka temple is situated in the Gwalior Fort complex in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh state in India. The temple is well known for magnificent architecture style. The temple is also called as Teli ka temple. The Teli ka Mandir or Temple of Teli is dedicated to trinity lords Vishnu, Shiva and Matrikas. The Teli ka temple is believed to be built during 8th to 9th century and it is one of the oldest temples of Gwalior city. The temple was used for oil process before taken by Britisher. The temple lies at the height of approx. 100 feet and it is the tallest and most amazing temple in the entire Gwalior city. The temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu which is one of the Trinity lord of Universe. The lord Vishnu installed here in the form of Garuda. The ancient Teli ka temple is situated within the Gwalior fort and well famous for its unique architecture style. Even being the oldest structure the temple is in better condition even in today. The major attraction of the temple is the statue of Lord Garuda which looks very strong and mesmerizing. The idol of lord Vishnu makes the circle of the temple gateway.

Facts about the Teli ka Temple

Address: Fort Campus, Near Schiendhi School
District: Gwalior
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone Number: 085425 54585
Pin code: 474001
Built In: during 8th century
Built By: Gurjar Emperor Mihir Bhoj Great
Significant: The Teli ka temple is Vishnu temple which was used to process oil
Attractions: The temple, the architecture style of temple, the history of temple, culture and heritage
Famous As: The Teli ka temple or Telika Temple
Festival Celebrated: all Hindu festival
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Gwalior Airport up to 15 kilometres far from the Teli ka Temple. Tourist can reach to the Teli ka Temple by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport. Many other flights are available from major cities of India to Gwalior easily.
How to reach By Rail: Major Railway station is Gwalior Junction for the entire City. The Teli ka Temple is up to 7 km far from Railway Junction. Gwalior City is well connected with all major cities of India by many Railway Lines. Various trains are also available for Gwalior from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Gwalior is well connected with all major cities via National and State Highways from everywhere in India. A large number of transport, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities of India to Gwalior. Tourists can also reach Gwalior by their own vehicles.

The temple meaning of the Teli ka temple is the temple of Oil which is little unusual meaning but the actually the temple is a holy shrine of Lord Vishnu. The Teli ka temple is a Hindu pilgrimage place which is more than 8th century old. The temple is believed to be built during 850 AD during the crown period of the Pratiahara King Mihira Bhoja.As per tells, the Britisher were use the place as a soda factory after the revolt in 1857.After some year it was renovated during year 1881 and 1883 by an officer of the Royal Scots Regiment named Major Keith of Gwalior. According to another historic story Rashtrakuta the Gwalior Fort has been taken by Govinda III seized during 794 AD. The temple got the name Teli ka temple after being passed the religious ceremonies and rituals services to Telang Brahmins.The temple has numerous story behind it as per other tell, the Teli ka temple was built by the young king of Telangana so that’s why it got the name.

Entry Fee and Timing for the Teli ka Temple

Open days: Open all days of the year
Visit Duration: up to 1 hours
Photography: Not Allowed
Darshan Timing: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm daily
The Best time to visit: Tourists and Devotees can Visit the Teli ka Temple anytime during the year
Entry Fee: Free Entry for all

Teli ka temple is such a nice place to visit in Gwalior. The temple is well known for its oldest but strong structure and architecture style. The temple has been used as many food factory, drinks factory and coffee shop by the British Officer until 1857. The excellent design includes a unique combination of south Indian style gateway tower which is gopuram and the roof is designed in Indo Aryan style. The entire Teli ka temple is decorated beautifully. There are many Hindu festivals celebrated by the temple and numbers of devotees takes part in different celebration and ceremonies. The Vishnu temple is a centre of attraction out of all holy places of Gwalior. The temple is a perfect place for history lovers and ancient designs. Gwalior city is full of such as amazing sights and tourist destination which are not affordable to miss out. The Teli ka temple is full of lovely and romantic sculptures around it so it is also popular for newly wedded couples and love birds. Must visit the place if you are a newly wedded couple and Gwalior is amazing city to visit.

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