St. Philomena’s Cathedral in Mysore

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the largest and tallest Catholic church in Asia. The original name of the church is the Cathedral of St. Joseph and St. Philomena. The church is Located on the Ashoka Road in the north side of the Mysore City which is the busiest part of the city. The church is built-in Christian Neo-Gothic style architecture during 1936. The design of the church is influenced by the Cologne Cathedral which is located in the Germany. The St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church is offered to saint Philomena who is the saint from third century. Philomena was a female who was the daughter of the ruler of a small village in Greece. The impressive church attracts many devotees and visitors every day as being the biggest church in the India. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is more than 200 years old and holding immense historical importance in Christian community. Not only Christians but every people of Each cast can visit the St. Joseph’s Cathedral equally. The architectural beauty and style of the church can make any visitor a speechless.

Facts about the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church

Address: Lourdes Nagar, Ashoka Road, Lashkar Mohalla
District: Mysore
State: Karnataka
Phone Number: +91 82125 63148
Pin code: 570001
Opened in : 1936
Significant: The St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church is about 200 years old Christian religious place and one of the Important Tourist Destinations of Mysore.
Attractions: Church, architecture style, twin spires, antique place, Prayer Hall, Pilgrimage Place
Famous As: St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church
Architecture Style : Neo-Gothic Style
How to reach By Air: The nearest airport is Mandakalli Airport in Mysore which is up to 194 kilometers far from the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church. Tourists can reach to the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church by hiring private Vehicle or Public transport from Airport. Many other flights are available from major cities of India to Mysore easily.
How to reach By Rail: Major Railway station is the Mysore Junction. St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church is approx 180 km far from the railway station. Karnataka State is well connected with all major states of India by many Railway Lines. Various trains are also available for Mysore from all over India.
How to reach By Bus or Road: Mysore City is well connected with all major cities via National and State Highways from everywhere in India. A large number of transports, owned and private buses, regular buses, and Air-conditioned and deluxe luxury coaches are available from all cities to Mysore. The tourist can also reach to the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church by hiring Local Auto and Cabs from Mysore Town.

According to a written inscription found from the site, The Church was built by the King of Mysore named Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The foundation for the St. Philomena’s Church was placed during 1933 and then another church was built-in the same place during 1843. The purpose behind to building the church was to fulfill the need of the Christian population who lived in the city during that time. The small church wasn’t enough as per their requirement so they demand for bigger church. The construction of the church was initiated by the King Sri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur IV. They received saint Philomena’s relic from Peter Pisani who was the Apostolic Delegate of the East Indies. He requests to build a church while giving the relic to Father Cochet. He asked to build a church in honor of St. Philomena. It took up to 8 years to compete the whole church construction. This St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church is the best example of admixture of local Christian culture.

Mass Timing and Visiting Hours for the St. Joseph’s Church

Open days: Open for all days of the week.
Visit Duration: up to 1 Hour
Photography: Not Allowed
Visit Timing: 5 am to 6 pm
The Best time to visit: Devotees and Tourists can visit the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church at anytime during the year. Morning would be the best time to visit the church.
Entry Fee: Free Entry for All

The St. Philomena’s Church was the excellent piece of architecture style. The church is designed in the Neo-Gothic style. It is designed in cross shape by the French artist named daly. In the church, a big congregation hall is located. The church has a 175 foot high twin spires which are the major attraction for the tourists. These twin spires become a real identity of the church. Tourists can see those spires from a mile distance. There are up to 800 people can get to gather and pray at a time in the hall. The church has the sanctum adore the more beauty and charm. The church is decorated by the exquisitely drawn paintings and stained glass windows which describes different levels of Jesus Christ’s life from birth. Every day many devotees gather to attend the Holy Mass during the morning and the evening. On the 11th of every August, the special annual feast organized by the St. Philomena’s Church every year. There is also an orphanage house inside the church. The church is really a visit worthy place. Must visit this amazing St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore.

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